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Quite simply, if one visits the surviving C turret of Gneisenau that the Germans emplaced for coast defense in the Austratt Fort at Orlandet in the Trondheim region, the realities become apparent.

Ships have dry docks, tanks use big garages, and a tank this huge will sooner or later need it's engines replaced.

Had a third turret been installed somewhere we would have found it by now. I'm also curious to know how they planned on deploying it overseas, it's not like it'll fit on any of the ships then in use. Kenneth W Estes - Super-heavy Tanks of World War II, Osprey Publishing, ISBN-10: 1782003835 The main addition should have been to the article body, with a short summary in the lead per I can't find any reference to the V12Z32/44 being used in u-boats, but it does seem to have been intended to be used in the No mention of even the possibility that this is a Hoax? "Personal proof" isn't relevant to wikipedia - RE: the hoax theories: here's a recent source that might be useful (in French).

I find it incredible that the article doesn't even mention the possibility that the P1000 is a hoax. Trucks & Tanks magazine, issue 32. I can't tell the exact date now because the article failed AFD in June 2006 and was deleted (along with its revision history) before being recreated in August 2006 after Parsons book was released. Let's be honest, what we know is that there was a request for a feasibility study - that's incontrovertible, it's in the archives - and there's well authenticated photograph of a model of a super-heavy tank that "In the case of the German Army, the evident burdens on the bureaus could have only worsened had they attempted to build, let alone operate, the more fantastic and apocryphal concept designs that supposedly floated through the increasingly byzantine channels of their tank procurement.

Such accounts are usually either too vague to be verified, or refer to actual turrets that are known to come from scrapped Kriegsmarine battleships.'

It might, however, be reasonable to add a short text, along the lines of 'There are several accounts of a Ratte turret being build. Actually, two Gneisenau turrets were installed in naval forts in Norway. It may still be a hoax, but if so, it's a much older one. I looked through most of my books, and was able to come up with two books which reference period documents: Special-Panzerfahrzeuge des deutschen Heeres by Walther Spielberger and Waffen und Geheimwaffen des deutschen Heeres 1933-1945 (vol.

These fantasies include the projects called Ratte and Monster in the undocumented accounts that have passed through various internet and non-authoritative works. However, if someone decided to ship this to Norway we would surely have heard of it. This article needs a picture, either official blueprint or a reimagination by an artist, to clearly sample the proportions of the landkreuzer. De superzware Ratte was een gigantisch ontwerp, zo zwaar als ongeveer vijftig van de zwaarste tanks die Duitsland in 1941 produceerde ( de Panzerkampfwagen VIII Maus ). B turret was installed in Now, if someone possibly build a dual turret using the same guns as in Gneisenau I don't know. I recently wrote an article on the P 1000 based on these books, but I'm unsure whether I'd be allowed to link to this article and use it myself as an English source under the WP:SOAP and WP:COI rules.

1. Let's be honest, what we know is that there was a request for a feasibility study - that's incontrovertible, it's in the archives - and there's well authenticated photograph of a model of a super-heavy tank that might be the legendary 1000 ton tank proposal, but it looks nothing like the picture of the "P1000 Ratte" that's taken over the popular imagination. (This recreated version remains substantially similar to my original text, which is perfectly fine, but the record of the original contributors has been lost, which is mildly irritating as well as technically a GFDL violation.) Cover story is "Landkreuzer P.1000, le projet secret d'Hitler". If not a hoax, it very likely might have been an engineer’s parlor game or other object of amusement. The same criteria apply to the “Monster,” a concept for a self-propelled mounting for the 800mm Gustav/Dora cannon.

The Ratte was designed to be propelled by either eight 20-cylinder Daimler-Benz MB501 marine diesel engines, or two 24-cylinder MANV12Z32/44 marine diesel engines, generating between 16,000 and 17,000 hp, giving the Ratte a top speed of 40 km/h. The article's illustration furthermore showed a single-barrel turret in Norway, as opposed to the proposed dual-barrel turret of the Ratte. Give me a little bit of time to go over it completely. Specific claims should be removed on sight, unless backed up by verifiable sources. I contributed the initial revision of this article in August 2004.

The burden of evidence rest with those who claims a turret was made, and such evidence should be verifiable. The engine were to have been equipped with snorkels to allow the Ratte to move through deep water without drowning the engines, as it was impossible for the Ratte to cross conventi…

This gave the text a very staccato appearence. This was almost certainly an innocent mistake since all the above useful information, history, and consensus was buried when the article was deleted (although I see the AFD disussion is still available, if you know exactly where to look, at This vehicle has an estimated road speed of 40 kph. In his book, "My Tank is Fight", Zack Parsons has devoted an entire chapter on this über-tank. There is also a failure to record any likely justification for such a mobile weapon.

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p1000 ratte wikipedia deutsch